The BEST Diet Calculator, EVER! (and it’s FREE, online!)

Here’s the link.… Macro-Calculator Here’s what it looks like: And here’s why I am raving about it: I thought I had created the ultimate “macro-calculator” back in 2014, but after seeing THIS ONE, I could pretty much retire mine (only advantage the Palangi Macro Calculator has, is a correlate “food portion” readout; which is…

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The “20-20-Walkout”: A Running Protocol (…equally good for pros and schmoes alike!)

I’ve always believed… “If someone hates ‘running‘, it’s because they’ve never learned or discovered, ‘sprinting‘”. I’m about to turn you on to a running protocol I use/used at many different stages and phases of personal health and fitness. I’ve used this to come back from my knee surgery (at the 8 week mark, post-rehab, of…

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Should you workout while fasting? Will you perform better, or worse? (Here’s my experiment, and results)

Short answer, “YES”, and, “TRY IT”, and…. be willing to try it more than once. Long answer: (read below) From the Desk of Scott Palangi 07/11/2015 Northvale, NJ, USA RE: Intermittent Fasting and Workout Out on an empty stomach. Hey gang! This is a topic I could easily spend hours talking about… enough to write…

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Palangi Challenge Food Journal

Here’s the Food-Journal for your Palangi Challenge. Print out 1, for each day of your “challenge”, number them, and hand in up arrival to each session, please. (At first, it IS tedious work, I know… after day 3, your brain will get the hang of it.) CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO GET THE PDF DOWNLOAD…

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NEW!: Postcard-sized “Palangi-Approved Food List” for easier shopping!

I love paper, still! There’s just something about having a tangible, post-able, in-your-face PAPER ITEM… something “real”. Here’s what it looks like (you can also click the image to download the pdf document to your device! Who’s lookin out for ya, huh?

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