Here’s Something To Remind Yourself Of — Every Single Day of Your LIFE!

Although I am not religious… here’s something “spiritual“… immediate… and practical, to remind yourself of… EVERY DAY YOU ARE ALIVE. Ready? “YOU, ARE MOST HAPPY, WHEN YOU ARE TRAINING, PERIOD.” Yep, and the key word up there is: “Period.” Yeah… ya don’t gotta be training for “something” necessarily… Ya don’t even gotta be happy during…

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How To Get Your Very First Pull-Up! (step by step)

Rarely do I ever post other peoples vids, but THIS WOMAN CAN TEACH, no kidding. Best video by far I’ve seen. And practically verbatim of how I personally teach it. Even the grip preferences, contrary to many other, so-called, “experts”. (Seriously, I had like a deja’ vu moment watching it and listening to her convey…

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Thanksgiving Day – Class Schedule (rsvp)

Turkey Day Class Info & Time: 10:30 am — 12:00 noon! A Class Like None Other… Here’s Why: Thanksgiving day Class is one of my favorites becasue A) Many “legacy clients” drop-in to train, simply because they’re in the area, or, as a declaration for a renewed “comeback”… and B)… because it’s always a 90-Minute,…

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How many Apple products do you think this kid owns?

Thanks for watching…. had to share.

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Macro-Builder for Mobile Device beta

              Your browser does not support iframes.   

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